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Dec 13, 2012 at 08:21 PM

SAPRouter - Niping error pong not received


Hi Guys

Recently a new Solution Manager system was installed, and therefore we are trying to download Notes from SAP

SAPRouter is currently installed on another server and working.

saproutab has P * * * *, so any system on the network can access SAP.

We copied same information from a system where SAP OSS RFC Connection is working to this new Instaled system

Target host


After testing it shows

Logon Connection Error

Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=17 thRc=2

Error Details ERROR: CPIC program connection ended (read error)

Error Details LOCATION: SAP-Server sapsolman_SMD_00 on host sapsolman (wp 1)


Error Details COUNTER: 47

Error Details MODULE:

Error Details LINE:

Error Details RETURN CODE: 223

Error Details SUBRC: 0

Error Details RELEASE: 720

Error Details TIME: Thu Dec 13 17:15:29 2012

Error Details VERSION:

Telnet from SAPROUTER host to SOLMAN on port 3200 Host works

Telnet from SOLMAN to SAPROUTER port 3299 host also works

Then i proceed to use niping command and i found this error

This test is from SOLMAN server is SAPROUTER host is SAPSERV4 host

sapsolman:smdadm 29> niping -c -H /H/

Thu Dec 13 17:01:30 2012

*** ERROR => NiBufIProcMsg: hdl 1 received rc=-93 (NIEROUT_INTERN) from peer [nibuf.cpp 2122]

*** ERROR => NiBufIConnect: route connect for non-buffered hdl 1 failed (rc=-93;/H/; pong not received [nibuf.cpp 4777]

*** ERROR => NiTClientLoop: NiHandle (rc=-93) [nixxtst.cpp 2590]

What does this pong not received mean?

if i Submit this same niping -c -H /H/ command from a SAP Server where SAP OSS is working i dont get this pong error, so i can isolate this error to only this system

Any idea?