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Dec 13, 2012 at 05:10 PM

SSLCertificateException: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier



I am getting Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier in Receiver communication.

I have go through so many documents, i could not get out from this issue.

Here my scenario is INVOICE .. PI .. WS

In R/3 system

Once i Triggered the I DOC from R/3 system. it is showing 03 successful status.

PI system

IDX5 ... once i click the inbound idoc. is take into the moni. in MONI it self it is showing checked flag (successful stauts). there is no error.

in Receiver communication channel it is show below certificats error.

in message ID also it is same error.

I have checked the certificates in PI system with STRUST Tcode. All certificates are in live.

Basis team also working on this issure.

have any possible ways to resolve this error.