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Dec 13, 2012 at 05:05 PM



I have few doubts regarding HR400

1)About the factoring parameters. Here I would like to know the difference between the factors DIVI and SOLL. They both count the working days/hours or calender days or hours depending upon the "T/S/K". So why do we need both when they are one and the same?.... I read that even when there is a split, they both show the same value so what is the difference?

2)Can we copy create the technical wage types /001 and /002...? And if yes can we change the t512w_d according the requirements for the newly created wage types from /001....?

3)Does VAKEYZEINH refer to the time unit of the payroll period parameter?

4)When DDNTK and Arrears tables both store the deductions that are not made in the payroll and are stored or carry forwarded so that they can be deducted in the next payroll run, why do we need two tables, if they both store the same?

5)What are B2 ,ZL and V0 tables?

6) We have partial period factoring parameters and rates of pay to determine the payments for the employee whose pay should be based on his absence days and also we can use these for calculating fthe overtime. So why do we need time wage types for calculating overtimes and time related payments?