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Dec 13, 2012 at 04:26 PM

Intrastat reporting issue


Hi Friends,

We are facing an issue with the report:

While I am working on the intrastat report every month I encounter some issues that delay my work/check. I will give examples of the issues;

When I am using transaction code ENGR, SAP is creating a file with all deliveries from EU related vendors. The way SAP is given the EU related vendors is based on the PO vendor. Sometimes the PO is set for example Biopredic in the UK while the invoice is sent from a Dutch entity with a Dutch VAT number. So this should not come in my intrastat report. At this moment every line that is shown in my report is not for 100% sure that it is really from a EU Vendor.

It is also the other way, which some deliveries are not even shown in my report because the PO vendor is a Dutch entity and the invoice came from the UK. Therefore I have to check in my VAT report if I am missing some deliveries.

The last issue is also a result from the above issues. SAP takes lines based on Goods Receipt when there has not been an invoice within 2 months. So then I cannot even check if the future invoice will be the same vendor as the PO vendor on which the Goods Receipt has been based on.

Please let me know how to solve this issue

Your help is much appreciated