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Join in context but still forming cartesian product

I tried searching for similar issue, but can't really find anything helpful.

So my problem is, I have 3 tables, say A,B and C.

Join relations are as follows:

A joins to B (1 to 1)

B joins to C (1 to many)

Now there is an object, lets say OBJ

OBJ = SUM(case when A.column1 IS NULL then 0 else C.column1 end)

The above 2 joins are in multiple context.

Now, understandably, whenever we pull OBJ, it asks to pick a context, which is fine.

Requirement is to modify the object as below

OBJ = SUM(case when A.column1 IS NULL OR B.column1<>'abc' then 0 else C.column1 end)

Now whenever we try to pull the modified OBJ, we get the error," Cartesian Products are not allowed"

How is this happening? We have cleared defined joins and context. What is missing here?

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