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Dec 13, 2012 at 07:43 AM

Hardcoding values for SELECTION variables in Data Manager Packages


Hi Experts,

We're currently working on Import and Export Master Data. I just want to ask on how to hard code variable values for the selections. For the import, we are using /CPMB/IMPOR_IOBJ_MASTER and I wanted to hard code the variables %SELECTION%. I've already hard coded the rest of the variables like %INFOOBJECT%, %FORMAT%, %WRITEMODE%, %TRANSFORMATION%, and %DIMNAME% except for this one. Actually, don't need selection because I should get all records because it's already filtered in BW but when I remove it, I get error that there is no SELECTION.

PROMPT(MASTERSELECTION,%INFOOBJECT%,"%SELECTION%",Please select the infoobject and the selection",,)

PROMPT(RADIOBUTTON,%WRITEMODE%,"Write Mode",2,{"Overwrite","Update"},{"1","2"}",,{},{})

PROMPT(RADIOBUTTON,%FORMAT%,"Choose format.",1,{"Internal Format","External Format"},{"1","0"}",,{},{})

PROMPT(TRANSFORMATION,%TRANSFORMATION%,"Transformation file:",,,Import.xls")


Same thing for the Export Master Data to File Service, I want to hard code the value for variable %DIMENSIONMEMERS% but I can't get the right way to do it. It seems that it's holding two values, Dimension Name and Dimension Members. I get error when I only hard code the dimension name.

PROMPT(DIMENSIONMEMBER,%DIMENSIONMEMBERS%,"Please select dimension", "Please select members", %DIMS%")")

'PROMPT(TRANSFORMATION,%TRANSFORMATION%,"Transformation file:",,,Import.xls")")

'PROMPT(OUTFILE,,"Please enter an output file",Data files (*.txt)|*.txt|All files(*.*)|*.*")")

'PROMPT(RADIOBUTTON,%ADDITIONINFO%,"Add other information(Appset,Application,User,Time)?",1,{"Yes","No"},{"1","0"}",,{},{})",,{},{}",,{},{})",,{},{}",,{},{})",,{},{}",,{},{})

Hope you can help me regarding above.