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Dec 13, 2012 at 04:49 AM

Deleting Future Cost Estimate which is costed with errors status KF


Hi Gurus,

we have run costing run for future next month status is KF costed with errors, which is only marked and created a job for releasing on 1 January. But later found there are differences in the prices of the materials and deleted the Background job for release.

Secondly in CKR1 we tried to deleted the costing for all the materials and it is giving us 0 records are deleted kind message.

we have simulated the same scenarios in quality system and found costing run is getting deleted and materials master future price getting erased only for costing run with out errors. But costing run which is in status KF costed with errors we are not able to delete.

Please suggest how to delete the costing run with status costed with errors or suggest a turn around solution to overcome this.




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