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Dec 13, 2012 at 04:43 AM



Hello Experts ,

My abaper has developed a program in which he posts the raw material quantity in sap through the Function module ‘BAPI_PROCESS_MESSAGE_CREATEMLT’. He uses the PI_CONS message category. The program is running fine , but whenever we check the process messages with the transaction code ‘CO54’ , it’s seen that the status of all the message are ‘TO BE SENT’(Yellow signal is on) and no log has been generated . That means the posting has not been completed . After that when we select all the mesges and click on ‘SEND’ , the posting has been completed . But we want that it automatically comes into send stage.

So , I want to know, why the function module ‘BAPI _PROCESS_MESSAGE_CREATEMLTcannot complete the posting programmatically ?Is there any other function module which can do the same job.

I also want to know that is there any configuration which i have not done.