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Dec 13, 2012 at 02:52 AM

Aggregation in Dashboard



I have a dashboard in Xcelsius. And i have filters in it using combo boxes. I have implemented All functionality in the filters, like when the user selects ALL in filters, all data is selected for that filter.

Data in the chart changes, as per the selections done in the filters.

i have the data like

Sales Person Month Department Sales All All All All Steve Jan-12 A 200 Steve Jan-11 A 230 Steve Feb-12 B 140 Steve Feb-11 B 150

I have Sales Person,Month as filters. And chart which is having Sales based on Department.Now when i select ALL, in Month filter, all months are selected.And I get 2 bars for Department A and 2 For Department B.

But i want, if All is selected for Month Filter.Data should be aggregated for Department A and B. And i should get only 1 bars for Department A and 1 for B.

I am trying this using Sumif. Can you elaborate more, usage of this method.And i think it will impact performance. So is there some better method than using sum if.

Thanks in advance..