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Dec 12, 2012 at 09:46 PM

Cannot delete a variable in a W9 generated .docx document


After generating a contract document in Wave 9 from a template with clauses and variables, some of the variables have no data in them. e.g. the second line of a street address sometimes is polulated but other times there is no value. After the document is checked out, we find that the variable cannot be deleted but rather appears as the token code in the document. The token appears to be protected by MS Word. In Wave 8, clauses were protected, but variables could be overwritten.

Is this a flaw in Wave 9 or a setting that can be changed?

Currently, all we can do is save the docx file as a .doc file which strips out all clause and variable settings, then reconvert back to .docx and check in once again. This disables clause comparison.