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Dec 12, 2012 at 04:41 PM

Start Routine Problem


Hi All,

I have a start routine where in iam just passing the source_package to an internal table as below. Thisi is load from DSO to DSO

DATA: ls_source_package TYPE _ty_s_sc_1.

REFRESH gi_source_package.

LOOP AT source_package INTO ls_source_package.

MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_source_package TO gs_source_package.

APPEND gs_source_package TO gi_source_package.

CLEAR gs_source_package.


REFRESH source_package.

Here iam having a strange problem,When i do a full load or a delta init the load works fine and the internal table gs_source_package is getting filled correctly.

The problem is with delta DTP. When I run a delta DTP one of the keyfigure value in the source package is being changed to negative value which has record mode X.It is not picking the data directly.

Any Ideas why this happens.