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Jul 29, 2005 at 03:39 PM

duplicate R/3 custom requirement in IPC -- zzkschl and logic in ipc



My middleware colleague told me that he will implement the Badi: CRM_COND_COM_BADI to fill the fields in the communication structure for ipc to use. Your previous response has:

-> You can't provide KSCHL in the communication structure as that is at item level. There is n condition types to 1 item.

what do you suggest to solve this?

I am trying to understand where to duplicate the logic that is in the R/3 routine 900. My wild guess is that the Badi "duplicate" the logic -- finding the "more_req-nr (in the R3 routine 900 that I posted earlier)" to fill the ZZKOBED in the communicaton structure, so ZZKSCHL does not need to be in the communication structure, unless the KOBED is also on the condition type level? Is KOBED on the item level or per condition type?

in checkRequirement(), case 000 returns false (no requirement), case 900 would need to check ZZKOBED to make recursive call to itself.

Does this wild guess make some sense? please help steer me to the right direction.

Thank you very much,