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Jul 29, 2005 at 03:30 PM

Tips/Tricks Section



Would it make it easier to solve the content issue with the blogs by adding a new section where someone could post a tip or trick in a short, less verbose format? It might be better than just posting a message in a forum because it could still be visible to the masses instead of just to the people who focus on specific forums. It also may make it easier to put the proverbial "smack down" on inadequate blogs by providing another forum for quick-hit ideas.

This might also be an area where members could assign points based on the worthiness of the tip. I am not sure I am totaly cool to the idea of weblogs being graded by everyone, mostly because I think they should be heavier on content and style and not held accountable to whether or not someone can find a use for it in their environment. That may seem a little wierd, but how many times have you been in a training class and had to hear that one person say "why won't they give me a real-world example I can use?" I really think it should be a decision made by the moderators or community managers to determine if it fits in with how they want the blogs to represent.

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