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Dec 12, 2012 at 11:45 AM

not Isnull command crystal reports with data before and after SAP upgrade



I am trying to populate a field within crystal reports with data from one of 2 fields from the OIBT table (or text if both fields are blank):

1) - Cardcode (If available)

2) - IntrSerial (if Cardcode is not available)

3) - 'Undefined' (If Cardcode and IntrSerial are both not available)

I have the following formula

IF (not isnull({OIBT.CardCode}))then {OIBT.CardCode} else IF not isnull({OIBT.IntrSerial}) then {OIBT.IntrSerial} else 'Undefined'

It works in all cases except for Batches which have been transferred between depots prior to upgrading SAP from 2007 to 8.81

Data of this type shows nothing in the Cardcode field if it is displayed alone on the report - however it is still printing this field instead of the (like the Not Isnull command is not working for these items or there is something in the field which is not visible)

Is there a different command I should use instead of isnull? Or any other way around this problem?