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Dec 12, 2012 at 07:02 AM

Select Expert Issue


Hi i am facing problems with section expert.

Please suggest me a formula to get requred data based on country.

i have a table like this and having a parameter for country.

Country label value

India User User

india Date Date

uk User impôt

uk Date série

if i selected country=india then labels are

User Date

if country=uk then

impôt série

I have a parameter for country.

i created 2 formulas for user and date like this.

if{?country} and phrase.label="User" then phrase.value

if{?country} and phrase.label="Date" then phrase.value

if i drag this formulas to detail section ,but it is displaying blank fields like this.

User Blankfield

Blankfield Blankfield

Blankfield Date

Blankfield Blankfield