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Dec 12, 2012 at 06:56 AM

Change number related ECM query


Hi SAP experts;

Had a doubt;ECM is implemented in our case but it is not mandatory to enter the change number (means on doing CS02 it is just a warning message not error)

My question is that suppose i changed a part X qty under BOM of part ABC with change number then it shows up in CC03 >>change doc.>>bill of mat.

And if i use CS02 and do not enter change number and again make some changes in that part X ;and now check CC03>>reporting docs>>bill of material

then also it will show me the changes done on that part under same change number.

I want to clarify is there some config settings that if we have implemented ECM then also if we change some material without a change number it will reflect under that change number only.

For better under standing:


Components: X-20 ,Y-40,Z -59 (part and qty)

Now i made a change no."REX" and did cs02 for ABC .I changed qty for X as 99

Now when i will run CC03>reporting changes then under REX it will show X old value as 20 and new value as 99

But again if i will do cs02 and do not enter change number and change qty to 120 and then check in cc03 >>for REX it will show me as old value 99 new value 120

Now i just want to confirm why is it appearing so..;it should not appear under that change number ideally because qty was changed without change number' isn't it...

Is it ..just because ECM is implemented??