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Former Member
Jul 29, 2005 at 01:09 PM

BW Document repository usage for Queries


Hi all,

We aim to use the BW 'document' functionality to link traing web sites and documentation (based on web server) to InfoObjects.

After prototyping on our 3.5 system the following questions came up:

1. Document can be linked to meta-, master data and Infoproviders. When activating all 3 display options in the BEx Query properties where can the Infoprovider related documents be seen and accessed? The other 2 document types create a symbol next to the InfoObject!

2. Various types of docuemnts can be linked (Word, PDF, etc.) in case you want to simply want to link a URL how does this work?

3. Who implemented a similar concept and how did you set it up (which of the 3 document types above where used)?

What were your learnings and Best Practices?

Thanks for all feedback,