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Former Member
Dec 11, 2012 at 11:55 PM

Nakisa 3.0 - Extended EE Profile: Same field names, different data sources


Hello experts,

I'm on Nakisa 3.0 SP3, Live build.

I'm trying to add new fields to the Extended EE Profile, and I got to the point where I select the fields that will appear in my newly defined section of the Extended EE profile. The file I'm listing the fields into is <MyLinkedDetailsName>_Data.xml, and I have 2 fields (taken from my data element) that have the same field name (USRID). How do I make the difference between the two?

Snapshot of my <MyLinkedDetailsName>_Data.xml :

<field name="PRBEH"/>

<field name="CTTYP"/>

<field name="USRID"/>

<field name="USRID"/>

<field name="PERNR"/>