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Dec 11, 2012 at 09:22 PM

Invoice document budgeted even though there's no budget commitment item


Hi All,

I have a case related PR until invoicing.

First, user create PR and there is an item with account assignment commitment item budget 123 (financial transaction 30, ci category 3).

PO created with reference of that PR. After save, user change the account assignment to commitment item non budget 456 (financial transaction 50, ci category 3).

Then, user post GR transaction and account assignment refer to the new ci non budget just like in PO.

After user post invoice, there's FM document which hit to commitment item budget 123 so the document use budget.

How could this happen? The invoice should just like GR doc which hit to ci non budget 456 right?

The strange is when I check again the invoice document through MIR4, in line item PO commitment item used 456 but there's a FM document with commitment item 123.

Need your help, thanks before 😊