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Dec 11, 2012 at 08:19 PM

Creating Generic Extractor on Transparent table


Hi All,

I have an issue and went through many forums and tried those but they didn't help me. I have one transparent table ZDT_LIHEAP and I'm getting all fields from that table to create generic extractor. I tried to create extractor in RSO2 by giving the table ZDT_LIHEAP but I got an error

Message no. R8359


You tried to generate an extract structure with the template structure ZDT_LIHEAP. This operation failed, because the template structure quantity fields or currency fields, for example, field VOUCHER_AMT refer to a different table.


Use the template structure to create a view or DDIC structure that does not contain the inadmissable fields

VOCHER_AMT reference field is getting from VBRK-WAERK, so I created view on ZDT_LIHEAP & VBRK and inserted WAERK in the view list. Now creating generic datasource problem solved, I can able to see the data in the RSA3 also but when I check data it is getting all duplicate records. I don't have any common key fields to join between these two tables.

If ZDT_LIHEAP has 10 records and VBRK has 20 records then I need only 10 fields from ZDT_LIHEAP with currency field from VBRK but I'm getting 10 * 20 = 200 records which is wrong.

Can any one help me how to get only records from ZDT_LIHEAP table even though I included refernce field in the view list.