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Dec 11, 2012 at 09:07 PM

Cannot import certificate response


I Cannot import a signed certificate in STRUSTSSO2. It's throwing an error "Cannot import certificate response"

Cannot import certificate response

Message no. TRUST037


The certificate response could not be imported into the PSE. You either selected an incorrect PSE (the certificate response can only be imported into the PSE from which the certificate request was generated), or the certificate response is incomplete.


Check whether you selected the correct PSE to import the certificate response. Then you can import the certificate response in the following formats:

  • As a PKCS#7 package with complete certificate upward path. The PKCS#7 package must be Base64-coded, and have the header line -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and the footer line -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
  • Individual PEM-coded certificates (that is, Base64-coded with the header line -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and the footer line -----END CERTIFICATE-----), if the associated root certificate exists in the database. For an overview of the existing root certificates, use the "Import Certificate" function.
  • As a file with multiple PEM-coded certificates. In this case, the system automatically attempts to build a complete certificate upward path; all certificates not required for this are ignored. If certificates are missing (such as, if you are using an intermediate CA), you can extend the certificate response with additional PEM-coded certificates before the import.