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Dec 11, 2012 at 06:28 PM

RAR 5.3 Management view Risk Violations


Hi Gurus,

In RAR 5.3, Informer -> Management View -> Risk Violations -> Risk Violations by Process = Shows incorrect results.

For example, Business process Basis shows 2 violations for risk id B009 but when I click there are no users assigned to it which is wrong and some has users assigned but not exact number.

SAP Note 1577063: States that we need to check the logon language setting is not assigned to the user. So, I checked the user defaults in the ECC system and GRC system and it is set to EN as default

I have also checked the default settings for "Default Management Report Volation Count is set to 'RISK'

Not sure, whether I'm missing something or is it a bug in RAR 5.3 ??