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Dec 11, 2012 at 01:33 PM

RFWT0010 and RFWT0020 is not working when updating 1099


Good Morning SAP Guru's.

We are currently on ECC 6.0.

I used these transactions before however it is not updating Vendor Master changes where payments should be reportable and not reportable. Most common scenario is where the Vendor should not have been reportable so to correct the issue we removed the Tax Type and Tax Code under Vendor Master and then we execute the following before running S_P00_07000134.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of Vendors that need to be updated and I am nervous why we cannot correct them.

Any ideas?

I have checked the blog and found that most of the issues are 4 years old. This is a brand new implementation and I did not see any OSS Notes to apply.

I did find OSS Note 363650 and I see where it mentions something about Document Change Rules. Is this necessary to update the document change rules and could this be the problem?

Thank you.