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Dec 11, 2012 at 11:24 AM

multiple datasource in crystal reports


Hi There,

I dont have much experience with crystal reports so please bear with me until I get this issue resolved.

I have been given a task to create a report with following table from different datasource (ODBC). It is a pervasive database.


Tables are:

PODetail - JobNo, PONo, Desc, Client

POHeader - PONo, City, Address


Tables are:

Job-Master - JobNo, PM

I have added the tables in crystal report and created the links between tables. The problem is that JobNo in tables Job-Master and PODetail is in different format. For example:

PODetail.JobNo is 1-100, 1-101, 2-102

Job-Master.JobNo is 100, 101, 102

Now, the good thing is what really matter is the number after "-" (dash) and thats the job number. Anything before dash is for state. Every job number is unique and that is what I have been told.

Anyway, I can use mid function to sort the jobno issue. So I tried that by adding following fields but no records and in fact whole report just hangs.

I chose fields PODetail.PONo, Job-Master.PM and new formula field created by using Mid (Job-Master.JobNo,3)

Can someone please suggest me what I am doing wrong here?