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Former Member
Dec 10, 2012 at 08:42 PM

Database issue in crystal reports


Hi Every one please solve this.

My requirement is like this.

I have a label called employee.i need to display it based on language selected like this.

if language=english then Employee

if language=french then Utilisateur

For this i created a database table called test like this.

language keyname keyvalue

english emp Employee

french emp Utilisateur

Then i pull this table into report and I created a parameter for language field like this {?language}

then i created formula like this

If test.language={?language} and test.keyname="emp" then test.keyvalue

But the issue is if i drag this formula to page header is it is taking only first row from the db table only.i.e,

if i select language=english then it is giving the correspondence keyvalue Employee, but for french it is not giving the keyvalue Utilisateur,

What i observed is that it is taking first row data only.

Can anyone please explain what wrong i did or is there any way to implement this approach from database