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Dec 10, 2012 at 05:29 PM

Why are Business Views so complicated?


I have some data I need to report upon for which there is no universe so I am using Crystal Reports 2011 rather than Crystal Reports Enterprise or Web Intelligence. Some of the criteria for my reports is based upon lookup code tables. So I thought it would be nice to prompt the user with a dynamic instead of a static list of values.

As I understand things, that means I needed to create a few Lists of Values or LOVs which led me to the jumbled mess of Business View Manager. There must be a good reason (I hope) that I need a Data Connection, Data Foundation, Business Element and Business View in order to create an LOV. Does it really need to be that complicated?

After about 4 hours of work I got my LOV working in my development environment as I had hoped. Now to move it to production. I saw my Data Connection, Data Foundation and Business View (not my Business Element or List of Value) under "BusinessViews" within Promotion Management in the Central Management Console. I was able to select all of necessary components under "Manage Dependencies". The promotion was "successful", but the LOV for my "Action" parameter (the fifth one) was clearly not working as expected.

I ended up exporting the Business View and List of Value to an XML file from within Business View Manager while connected to my development environment and importing that XML again from with Business View Manager while connected to my production environment. Even though the on screen prompts indicated it was only exporting/importing just Business Views it took care of all of five of the aforementioned object types.

That result got me a little closer. Now I could enter and "Action", but I still wasn't getting my list to pick from.

Within the Business View Manager I had to schedule my LOV to run. I chose to run it "Now". And it worked...

The last part about having to schedule my LOV or at least run it once seems reasonable except for two things.

  1. I did not have to do that to get it to work in my development environment.
  2. Prior to scheduling it the "Schedule Status" stated that "[t]here is no scheduled List of Values instance. This list of values executes on demand." I took that to mean that it would, you know, execute when it was needed and I didn't need to do it.

So everything is working as I had hoped, I think. They primary reason I did this is so that if something got added to one of the lookup code tables that I wouldn't need to update my reports, they would just automatically pull in the new values.

So here are my questions.

  1. Why are so many level necessary to create an LOV?
  2. Why are Business Views and related items visible within Promotion Manager if they cannot be promoted via that tool?
  3. Why did I have to schedule my LOV to run when the tool clearly states that it would execute on demand?
  4. Do I need to schedule my LOVs to run on a regular, recurring basis?

Thanks for the therapy session.



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