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Former Member
Jul 29, 2005 at 08:39 AM

Keyfigure aggregation issue



I've the following data in the cube

<b>Material Period Unit Cost</b>

1 01.2004 10

1 02.2004 10

1 03.2004 10

The 'Unit Cost' keyfigure has the standard and exception aggregation as 'Summation'.

As a result, when I a build a query on this cube using 'Material' in the rows

and 'Unit Cost' in the columns, I get the following result

<b>Material Unit Cost</b>

1 30

which is incorrect and we would want the result to look like

<b>Material Unit Cost</b>

1 10

Could some one please suggest how can I achieve the correct result

with minimal changes, so that i don't have to change the data model

(ie. Change the standard and exception aggregation to 'Maximum' or

'Minimum' in RSD1 for 'Unit Cost')

I have already tried changing the keyfigure properties 'Calculate Result As'

and 'Calculate Single Values As' in BEx with out success.

Please suggest.

Best Regards,