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Dec 10, 2012 at 02:09 PM

Soruce List and Contract Validity Date Checking


Dear Friends,

I want to clear a doubt regarding validity period of source list and contract.

This case is for example

Contract 12345 will be expired on 31.03.2013

In Source List the above contract is exist as source of supply valid up to 31.03.2013

Now If I am creating any PO with delivery date 01.04.2013 then system is showing message.

Error Message "Source not included in list despite source list requirement" Message Number " Message no. 06722

Now If I will edit the Source List and increase the validity date for this contract 12345 the system is giving is me warning message only,

but allowing to change the date to 01.04.2013 in source list

"Validity of record outside validity period of agreement" Message no. 06789

Now the condition is like PO is allowing a delivery date which is out of Contract Validity Date... This will be audit issue for sure.

Can anybody explain me what will be the best practice for this ...?????

What I understand is Source List validity date should must lies withing the Contract Validity Date, But the scenario I told is volatilizing this,

should I change the message (06789) of source list maintenance to Error So that no body can maintain a date out of contract validity date??

Thank you