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Dec 10, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Dynamically setting Icon_Source for Tree Node


Hi experts,

I'm developing a Web Dynpro Application using ABAP; Creating Tree view dynamically using Supply Function as below;

Level 1 (Tree Node) - expanded property checked

Level 2 (Tree Node) - Expanded property checked

Level 3 (Tree Node) - Expanded Property un checked

For Example:

Level 1 (Purchase Order)

Level 2 (Purchase Item)

Level 3 (Material Number)

For the given PO, all the items will be fetched and populated using supply function of context node created for Level 2; and materials in the respective items will be displayed as sub node of Item node using suply function of context node for Level 3;

Now, if the material is marked for deletion, then the material should have icon to denote that it is deleted; something like cancelled mark ('X') and if the material is not marked for deletion, then it should have tick mark to denote that it is not marked for deletion.

can someone suggest how to populate the Icon_Source property for Tree_Node while building the level 3 (material number) for items based on deletion indicator for that material;