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Dec 10, 2012 at 10:26 AM

No records found in the Load BW Master Data node in BPMon setup for BPA



I have made a solution and configured BPMon on that solution. I also want to setup Business process Analytics. The Solution Manager is 7.1 and SP06. I have followed the guide of BPA for 7.1 SP05 and performed all the prerequisites.

The job E2E_EFWK_RESOURCE_MGR is also running every minute, the info cube 0SM_BPMRH are also installed and activated. The managed system also contains documents for the required key figures which have been configured.

But on the logical component node in the BPMon setup when i select the logical component and click the "Load BW Master Data" the pop which appears shows there are 0 documents for all the key figures.

There should be some number of records loaded as the managed system contains the data for the selected AKF. Also can anybody tell me which background job loads this data. As when we select the key figure and click on the "Load BW Master Data" it directly shows the number of documents loaded.




BW master data.jpg (41.9 kB)