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Jul 29, 2005 at 06:59 AM

Unicode help


Hi all

i am changing the exsisting report to unidoe enabled.And facing problem. The problem is:

i have string variable and all the data from application server is read into the string.And the internal table is having char types and packed type fields.So for packed fileds its giving short dump "unable to interpret "" the field". I think i have to use type casting but how i have no idea.So please can anyone throw light on this so that i can get the way.How should i follow to convert the string type to p.EX. of problem is:

tab_wa-ffd = w_struct+247(8).

tab_wa-ffd = w_struct+247(8).

tab_wa-edatu = w_struct+255(8).

tab_wa-shpd = w_struct+263(8).

so in this the internal table tab has field bemng referring to database table and whih is off packed decimal.So i when i passed the values of the w_struct(like this

tab_wa-bmeng = w_struct+271(13).

which is string it gives short dump.

So can anyone please suggest the solution

plz help its urgent for me.

thanks in advance