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Dec 10, 2012 at 07:06 AM

Issue With Dynamic Cell Widh In Adobeforms



I am Fasing Isseu With Dynamic Cell Width IN Adobeforms.


I am Hidding Some fields With Use of Java Script: if(this.rawValue== null) {this.presence = "hidden";}

At Same Time I am Increasing Cell Wdth Use Of Java Script if(field1.rawValue== null){field5.minW = "5in";}

But The Probelm Was Field5 Was type String and It will more than 500 Characters. When I was Dynamically Exding the cell Width Of Field5 It is coming to next row. But I am Expecting It should in Same row and allow for the Multiple Line's.

Note:I was taken Field5 As Allo Multiple Line

Since data is reaching to End of the Cell I am not able to controll it.

But When I am not hidding & Not not Extending the Cell Width it is coming in Multiple rows in same cell.

Problem was when Hidding and Dynamic happen with perticullar Cell I am not able to controll the Cell Size it is not coming to the Multiple rows in same cell Ir going to the Next row.

Please Help On this.

I am New foe Adobeforms.

Thanks In Advance,