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Former Member
Dec 10, 2012 at 07:15 AM

WIS 10901: Database Error Text:Unable to connect to SAP BW server, Password logon no longer possible-too many failed attempts


Hello Experts,

I am new to WEBI and that too reports based on SAP BW source. I am confronting new problems/error prompts each day.

I am running a WEBI report based on SAP BW source. I login to Infoview using Enterprise authentication and Administrator user name/password. I was able to refresh the reports using the above logon details successfully until today. I am getting the below error when trying to refresh the any of the reports. Last week till Friday(7th Dec 2012) I was not getting this error while trying to refresh the reports.

I understand it is something related with Password. However, what I am not able to understand is how was I previously able to refresh the WEBI report using the Enterprise authentication and Administrator username/password.

Request you to let me know how we can resolve it and why do we get these kind of errors suddenly. Is it something related with the setup/installation that the system is so unstable?

Also it would be great if one can explain me how Infoview(WEBI Reports) login with Enterprise authentication access the SAP BW servers and data where SAP SSO is used?

Thanks for reply in advance.