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Dec 10, 2012 at 04:20 AM

Error is from Standard SAP, how can i fix it pls.?



I have developed a WDA, where in i have used a Assitance Class, mainly for maintaining the text elements purpose, well

But, when i did SLIN (Extended Prog. Check) on my_WDA component, i am getting the below error, but its generating from the part of Standard SAP code, hence i unable/can't fix it, pls. let me know how can get rid off this error in SLIN of my_WDA

Program: /1BCWDY/ASZMKP2S0JX94EIL35HC==CP Include: /1BCWDY/S_ASZMN32Q8ILK6HWU2H53 Row: 567

No write access to reference F_ASSIST takes place

(The message can be hidden with "#EC NEEDED)

Thank you