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Dec 09, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Followup LSO Course Program not working


Dear SAP LSO experts,

Our client is using EHP4 HCM LSO and the course programs (EK object) to run their training. Now the course program has been setup to include course blocks and course types which is all working well. To add an employee to the course program we use the ‘Subscribe’ to course program via LSO_PSV1. This creates the relationship EK 614 P

I have a few questions around this process and would really appreciate if you can help answer my questions.

My questions are

1) The screen comes up with the language mandatory and must then select the language e.g English – the requirement would be for the language to always default to English. I have looked at T77S0 and the IMG and can not find a way to do this. Please can anyone let me know how this can be defaulted?

2) As part of the subscribe to the course the screen comes up with the start date as system date and adds 90 days to provide the end date . Once subscribed this creates the EK 614 P relationship with the start date = system date and the end date 90 days from that date. I know the date can be manually changed each time subscribing a person to the EK. Please can someone explain where the default end date of + 90 days is coming from?

3) My biggest concern is, whenever the course program has been followed up, the system does NOT change the end date of the relationship between EK 614 P. I.e does NOT delimit the end date. This means although we know the employee has been followed up (because we see the followed up flag associated with the additional data), we can not report on the actual date they were followed up… Please can someone explain how they got around this or were able to report on the date followed up?

4) When do you ever followup and close the course program itself so employees can no longer subscribe to the course program?

Many thanks in advance



Any ideas/solutions for my Post many thanks Oliver

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this or helpful tips on this thanks Oliver