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Display IT0015 List in processes and forms FPM

Jan 05, 2017 at 09:34 AM


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Dear Experts

How can i display list of existing records of IT0015 in FPM processes , I did as below shot but its not working although its working with IT 0014



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Christopher Solomon
Jan 10, 2017 at 01:19 PM

This is very possible....very common...and very basic in HCM P& need to "map" to a "line type structure" (ie. one that represents a "row" of a "table").....for this, look for the standard structures with "LIN" in the name....if you did this for IT0014, you should notice there is one for IT0015 too. I have written blogs on "tables" in HCM P&F....maybe those will help you understand what is really going on behind the scenes.

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Former Member

thank you Chris but there is no standard structure "LIN" in IT0015 also in IT0014 , Do you mean i have to use generic service to retrieve from IT0015 ?

please share your Blog name So i can get the idea.



Well, I should have explained a bit more (sorry, I was in a rush)....working with TABLES in HCM P&F is basic,easy stuff.....and yes, one time and recurring payment processes are fairly common. However, looking at my notes from last project where I did this exact process, it is not so easy. A few things I had to do....

1. used my own generic service for read of IT0014 and IT0015

2. used SAP_PA only to read some basic employee info (IT0001)

3. used an advanced generic service (AGS) that I created in order to handle updates to IT0014 and IT0015....this was because SAP_PA does not handle multiple operations on same infotype/subtype combinations.....and in our case, we needed to not only add(create) but also update(modify) IT0014 records in the same process....we only allowed the create of IT0015 for obvious reasons.

In this case, it did get a little more complex because my generic service was responsible for "building" the table (ie. indexing fields correctly to all match for a "row".

But again, read through my blogs on tables and handling those...maybe even the CRUD blogs....and you should be able to figure it out. Honestly, the "hard" part was getting my AGS to use the decoupled framework classes and such correctly to handle the update....but if you look at SAP's own code, you can figure that out too.