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Jul 29, 2005 at 03:14 AM

MDME API Namespace


Hi, I have been using MDME from the A2i era, with many applications developed using the COM, and am curious if SAP plans to rename the namespace from XCATCOMLib to a SAP proprietary name in the future, i.e. MDMECOMLib? On the same topic I would like to know more regarding future plans for chage in the underlying database structure of tables, i.e. from A2i_<letter># to SAP_<letter># or MDM_<letter>#? The real question is how long is SAP going to hold the A2i branding on the namespace & underlying architecture? For an A2i acquired customers this equates to how much time is there until we need to modify our solutions to incorporate the new branding before we are cut-off from upgrading to new releases? Thanks, and from an A2i to SAP customer, I would like to express that the SDN community is an excellent benefit.