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Dec 07, 2012 at 07:30 PM

MXDB Backup to disk


We are implementing SAP PLM. Our document storage is SAP Content server 6.4 using the 7.8 MAXDB backend. We are having and issue with the backups. Right now all of our ECC systems backup the Oracle DBs to a mount point on a separate dedicated backup server. I have tried to configure the same situation using DBA Studio but cannot get the backup to write. Every time I trigger the backup I get the attached error. The user that is logged into the server is a network user that is has DB operator priviledges and full control of the backup directories on the backup server. The backup template type is file and the file name is declared in this format \\servername\share\share\filename.bak. I can find an adequate description for device type external in the backup templates. Sorry for attaching the file but I cannot get the contents to paste.

Thank You