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Dec 06, 2012 at 06:44 PM

IT0065 Tax Data GB Conversion


Hi -

We are going live with UK payroll in mid of the tax year and I have converted IT0065 with the Tax code and Tax code source as P9 and P9X. Now one of the employee has been terminated and when I try to run the Leaver program its throwing an error saying" Started program should be ran first before running the leaver program. When I saw this error I went a head and updated my conversion record P45 check box and P45 issue date on the Employee starters tab and saved the record. Even after updating the P45 details on IT0065 still I see the same error that Starter program should run first before running the Leaver program.

I assume I am seeing this issue because we have converted all out Tax infotypes with the source as P9X and there is no starter record on IT0065 with Tax code source as P45. Could you guys help me to understand how we need to convert the IT0065 during the golive. Do we need to create a record with P45 as tax code source first then run the starter program and load one more record with the actual tax code and tax code source.