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Former Member
Jul 28, 2005 at 02:58 PM

Help in the ABAP query


hi folks,

Need help in this query.

I am working on this query..

select knumv kschl kbetr kwert kinak

from konv

into table cdata for all entries in bodyitab1

where konv~knumv = bodyitab1-knumv

and ( konvkbetr > 0 or konvkwert > 0 )

The query works fine and I fetch only the records where I have 'KBETR' AND 'KWERT' have values greater than 0.

But I have a condition type 'ZBET' and for one of the records the net balance is zero i.e

kbetr and kwert both have value 0. so it does not pick that record.

But I have to pick it up .

So how can I modify this query so that this condition is not applicable for the condition type 'Zbet'

Thanks in advance.