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Jul 28, 2005 at 01:41 PM

Standard Layout sets re-import available?


Hi all,

I've made the 'mistake' of importing some layoutsets from a SP2 portal into a SP12 system. The import got corrupted and now none of the layout sets are working as they were (e.g. pictures are missing, lay outs are different).

I would expect the layout sets to be delivered with the KMC support package, probably even a a configuration archive (in other words the same format used for importing and exporting?

My approach is to re-import this standard content, and my questions are:

- is this even possible? if so how?

- is there a way to undo te previous import?

The last solution I have is to export all layout sets from another SP12 system and reimport them on the corrupted machine.

Thank you in advance