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Dec 05, 2012 at 03:27 PM

How can the PM-team work on weekends, even though the overall calendar says it's closed?



today I've stumbled across an interesting question:

The PM-teamleader created a PM-order that the team wanted to work on Sunday afternoon. The order, however, didn't show up on Sunday. It wasn't until Monday morning that the order popped up in the worklist.

Our overall plant calendar doesn't allow for work on weekends, the calendar assigned to the PM-workstations on the other hand, is set to allow work 24/7. The team hasn't tried to specifically select the order and then backflush components/confirm hours on it, but I assume the system wouldn't allow it to do so. Did anybody experience a similar problem...

If so, is there an option to workaround this, i.e. to allow the maintenance team to work while the production is actually closed? I can't imagine that this use-case hasn't been covered in any other implementation.

Thanks in advance for all inputs!