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Error 404 Missing Page when Attempting to Connect to Crystal Server 2011 CMC or BI from Remote Computer

We recently installed Crystal Server 2011 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 system from an evaluation standpoint. We selected Tomcat 6.0, running JAVA and have WACS running (all are active and running properly) and everything installed fine. We are able to easily get to the CMC and BI on the local computer (http://localhost:8080/BOE/BI or http://localhost:8080/BOE/CMC) and post evaluation crystal reports on the BI site which we can select and run but for the life of us we cannot access either of these resources from a remote computer. I believe that Tomcat is running on port 6405, so we've used every permutation of the URL using 8080 and 6405 with http://<webserver>:{port}/BOE/BI or /CMC with absolutely no success. We keep running into a 404 Missing Page error when we do this. The webpage with the 404 error has links to Business Intelligence, so it seems that we are on the right track and are probably getting to the server correctly but something is just not resolving itself; I feel that there is a more precise URL but my collegue doesn't think so. I have seen other posts here that discuss this issue but we just can't seem to get it to work. I'm thinking that we need to install IIS on the server running Crystal Server. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on what's happening here and how we can get it to work then they would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dave.

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3 Answers

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    Dec 05, 2012 at 04:26 AM

    Hi Dave,

    The default port for tomat is 8080 and for WACS its 6405. Since you've said you have both tomcat and WACS installed, you can use the below urls for CMC and BI Launchpad.

    If you would like to use tomcat,



    For WACS,



    Here the 'servername' is the name of the server hosting the tomcat web application server. If you installed tomcat on any other box, then it is the name of that box. Else if you have your CRS2011 and Tomcat on the same server then you can use the same name.

    Assuming that you have performed a default installation, where the tomcat and CRS are on the same box,

    Verify whether the remote computer is in the same domain as the CRS2011 server. Else you need to work on to resolve the CRS server IP on the remote computer. (Adding the IP address of you CRS2011 server in the 'hosts' file of your remote computer, else your network admin might help)

    If specifying only the servername in the url doesn't work, then try to specify the FQDN for the server and check.

    Else, check if you are able to launch the tomcat homepage (http://<servername>:8080) from the remote computer. if yes, then the problem could be with the BOE web application which needs to be redeployed. Since you are able to properly launch the web applications from the server box directly(using localhost), probably it might not be a problem with the web application. However let us check.



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      Hi Dave,

      Good to know its working now.

      Tomcat and WACS are both separate web application servers to host the web applications like BOE and others. WACS is used in a scenario to host the web applications where installation of tomcat or any supported java-based web application server is not possible or not intended. Tomcat is the default web application server that is shipped along with the BI package.

      The default port for WACS is 6405 unless someone changed it to something else from its properties.

      If you have installed both tomcat and WACS then the web applications should work on both of em.

      As the web applications are working fine on tomcat you're good to go with it since tomcat is far better than wacs.


  • Dec 05, 2012 at 06:28 AM

    Try to ping the webserver if you can get a reply, if the ping timeout, you need to check with the network.

    if ping is ok. try to go to settings of your pc, if you are using proxy, you need to include the webserver to bypass proxy settings,

    lastly try to edit the host file in windows and include the ip of the webserver. i think its in windows\system32\drivers\etc. include ip and the name of the server

    Ex.  BOBJServer

    Where:  - the ip of the server

    BOBJServer      - the servername of BOBJ which is "http://BOBJServer:8080/BOE/BI"

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  • Dec 05, 2012 at 09:02 AM

    This is being moving to the BI platform space

    Tammy (Moderator)

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