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SUP 2.1.3: DOE-C Servlet not working

On our SUP server (version 2.1.3 PL02) I get a timeout when using the 'Test Connection' button from my DOEC connection.

I now found out that even on the same machine the DOE-C servlet does not work.

Testing on my local SUP server I can call the servlet using a command like


Then the servlet answers with

You are trying to perform an HTTP GET on the DOE-C servlet. Only HTTP POST is supported.

Doing the same on my server nothing happens and I get a timeout.

I already redeployed the servlet and found no errors in the log:

Module Deployed: doe.war

But still I get no answer from it.

Any hints where I can search for possible errors?

In the log I found the following:

2012-12-04 12:46:07.545 INFO    MMS          ScheduledTask:AutoRefresh [com.sybase.djc.server.AutoRefreshTask] Unloading module: webapp-doe

2012-12-04 12:46:07.547 WARN    MMS          ScheduledTask:AutoRefresh [com.sybase.djc.server.AutoRefreshTask] Refresh failed for module: webapp-doe\ncom.sybase.djc.repository.PropertiesNotFoundException: C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\Servers\UnwiredServer\Repository\Instance\com\sybase\djc\util\DjcClassLoader\

2012-12-04 12:46:13.544 INFO    MMS          ScheduledTask:AutoRefresh [com.sybase.djc.server.AutoRefreshTask] Refreshing module: webapp-doe

The DOE log reveals also nothing new:

"code":408,"message":"Operation timed out. Please check DOE-C listener URL and port (http://x.x.x.x:8000/doe/publish?pkg=abc...

So why is the servlet not answering?

Is there a conflict on port 8000? But the settings in my local SUP server are looking similar and there it works...

Message was edited by: Mark Teichmann After restarting the server I see the following message. Reason could be that the server is not started completely as it is said in the message. Then this would not be relevant. But maybe it is a hint to a DOE related error anyway?

ERROR   MMS          Thread-94 [com.sybase.sup.admin.server.DOEServerStatusUpdateTask] Error retrieving packages while resynchronizing. com.sybase.sup.doec.admin.DOECAdminException: [{"level":5,"code":503,"timestamp":"2012-12-04 15:27:15.305","message":"The server is not started completely or upgrade is not finished","_op":"C","requestId":"e7d375afeeec461d9faf0d78c9aed96b","operation":"adminRestartQ"}]      at com.sybase.sup.doec.admin.impl.DOECAdminImpl.sendDOECMessage(

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    Dec 04, 2012 at 03:23 PM

    Now it works!

    The error was related to a setting with port 8001 and https that was not working. Now I deactivated port 8001 and it works.


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