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Jul 28, 2005 at 07:50 AM

Trying to do a production receipt


I'm programming a production receipt in SAP. AS you know, sap doesn't have objtects to work with receipts, so i do an inventory entry and then i make this update to IGN1:

Rs.DoQuery "UPDATE IGN1 set BaseType=202, baseentry = " & DocNum & ", baseline = 0 where docentry = " & NewCode

Where newcode is the new code for the last inventory entry.

That works OK, but yesterday, when a did an inventoryentry.Add, this error surprise me!

.Add= -10

Error Message= No Price[OIGN.Doctotal]

If i add a value to DocTotal, this error doesn't happens, but my question is why now i need to use doctotal to avoid this error, and i don't want to use it, because doctotal is a value that i don't have so i put any value.

This is the code:

BoIGE.CardCode = CardCode

BoIGE.DocDate = DocDate

BoIGE.DocDueDate = DocDueDate

' **********************************

' *********** PRUEBA ***************

'BoIGE.DocTotal = Coste * Quantity1

' ************* FIN PRUEBA **********

'campos de usuario a nivel de cabecera en Recibo

BoIGE.Lines.ItemCode = ItemCode

BoIGE.Lines.Quantity = Quantity1

BoIGE.Lines.AccountCode = "61020001"

BoIGE.Lines.WarehouseCode = WhsCode

BoIGE.Lines.BaseType = 0

BoIGE.Lines.BaseLine = 0

BoIGE.Lines.BaseEntry = BaseEntry



After that, i do the SQL Update.(but BoiGE.Add gives me the error)

Any idea?