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Dec 04, 2012 at 08:43 AM

Start date of the SNP planned order



CTM does not take into account production duration in PPM/PDS when calculating order start date in planned order. For example ;

- I have daily bucket in Planning book

- Demand is 96kg for 14.12.2012

- Poduction duration 1 hour for 1 Kg In PDS

- If we run ctm, system will create a planned order with Order start date : 13.12.2012 Order finish date :14.12.2012

** System just checks the fix activity duration which is 1 day in PDS (in mode tab)

But I need a planned order which must start 10.12.2012 because demand is 96kg and 1kg can be produced in 1 hour so I need 4 days for this production

The order start date must be 10.12.2012 and Order finish date must be 14.12.2012.

Is it possible to manage this process in SNP ?