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Former Member
Dec 04, 2012 at 01:39 AM

No data in report when using excel formula


Dear Friends,

I am designing a report in which I have ‘Time’ in ‘ColKeyRange’ and ‘Account’, ‘Entity’ and ‘Category’ in ‘RowKeyRange’ . For Category I have “Frct_1,Frct_2, Budget , Actual” members. I am getting these members by referencing it to other cell using =R3(example) formula.

Now the problem is when I use this formula i.e =R3, the data is not populated, but if I just hard code the first category member in row i.e. ‘Frct_1’ all data is populated. I changed the format of the cell from text to general and vise versa, but nothing works. I cannot hardcode this member and I need to use =R3 formula.

Kindly advise on the solution. I am using 7.5 MS