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Dec 03, 2012 at 09:42 PM

Unable to read Product attachments


We have attached a text file to Product in CRM UI ( we are CRM 7.0 EP2). I want to read that attachment from other component on UI. Here I have tried 2 options both didn't work. I'm struck in middle . please help ..

1) Used the method cl_crm_documents=>get_document to get the attachment , but I'm getting attchment in Binary format in 'content_bin' internal table.

How can I convert Binary format to text ??

Used the method cl_crm_documents=>get_info to get PHIO and LHIO details passing Product deatils.

2) Used method cl_crm_documents=>get_with_file to transfer text file to application server and then read from there. This one worked when I'm doing it from SE38 program, but; it didn't work when doing from UI BSP application.

How can I use the cl_crm_documents=>get_with_file from UI ??

Appreciate your time, thanks in advance.