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Dec 03, 2012 at 12:34 PM

MDM UWL - EP integration


Hi experts,

I have followed the how-to guide to implement UWL for MDM worklows through the SAP Enterprise Portal.

After adding my MDM system in the configuration, I can effectively see my MDM workflows.

Then I adapted the mdm.xml configuration file to redirect me to the correct page. Now when I click on the WorkItem text I'm redirected to the correct window.

But in The UWL I have no button. I've seen that normally I should have 'Next Step', 'Create Job', 'History', 'Show Record Details', 'Delete', but none of these is displayed even if there are mentionned in the mdm.xml config file.

Have you any idea of what could be missing ? (I've already read a lot of posts but none of them could help me yet)

(please find my mdm.xml enclosed to this post, My system alias : MDM009)

Thanks in advance for your help




mdm.xml (25.8 kB)