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Dec 03, 2012 at 08:19 AM

Stop Allowing negative stock in Interim storage Bin


Dear Experts,

At present the problem is:

1. Material M1 with stock of 100 KG is in bin Rack-B1

2. Do 413/Blank movement to assign WH stock to Sales Order stock, PCN created

3. Due to some X reason, TO not created for PCN

4. No do the reversal of 413, PCN created and TO also created

5. Now stock position is as follows:

(104-Rack-B1) 100 KG + 100 KG

(922-TR-ZONE) -100 KG

This negative quantities become more and more. To avoid this case, I am planning to stop "allowing Negative quantity" for the interim storage bin 922. So that immediate action will be taken once the get the error message during movement 413.

What will be the impact other than this error message?

PS: In our WH setup, stock placement is manual and all TO confirmation is automatic.